MiOFO Registration for Hunting at Leonard Preserve

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About Leonard Preserve

Owned by Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission (WCPARC) since 2004, Leonard Preserve protects 259 acres of habitat along nearly 2 miles of shoreline of the River Raisin.  Leonard Preserve’s boundaries lie within both the Village of Manchester and Manchester Township.  The close proximity to this community has resulted in Leonard Preserve becoming a popular hiking destination for many local residents.  Historically, the land has been used for agriculture, since ownership, WCPARCs has invested in trail and habitat improvements.  Many former agricultural fields are now planted and maintained as native prairies and other habitats have been improved through efforts to removing invasive species.

Early in ownership, staff and partners began voicing concerns that the growing deer population was causing damage to native plant communities.  Since 2009, WCPARC has researched deer impacts on natural resources at Leonard Preserve.  All data indicate the deer are causing significant damage to the native plant community.

In response to this data, WCPARC will be partnering with Michigan Operation Freedom Outdoors (MiOFO) to open Leonard Preserve for selective hunting in fall 2016.  MiOFO is focused on providing outdoor recreation opportunities for wounded veterans and individuals with health challenges. Hunting will be limited to deer only, and will occur on specific dates and locations within Leonard Preserve, as described in below.  MiOFO will be registering hunters for the events.

2016 Hunting Events



Disability Criteria for Leonard Preserve Hunting Events

Independence Hunt – Oct. 13th-16th

  • Veterans with 100-percent disability or rated as individually unemployable by the US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Hunters who possess a permit to hunt from a standing vehicle

Regular Firearm
Nov. 15th – 30th

  • Veterans with 90-percent disability or rated as individually unemployable by the US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Hunters who possess a permit to hunt from a standing vehicle

Hunting Rules

  1. All hunters must follow Michigan State laws and regulations. For a complete listing of regulations and legal descriptions, please visit michigan.gov/dnrlaws
    1. All hunters must have MDNR required permits, licenses, and tags before hunting
  2. All Hunters must have registered with MiOFO and be issued a permit from WPCARC to hunt
  3. All Hunters must carry WCPARC permit and documentation of disability rating while hunting at Leonard Preserve
  4. No hunting any wildlife other than deer
  5. No alcohol or illegal drugs
  6. No buck shot
  7. No fires
  8. No camping
  9. No baiting
  10. No cutting of woody vegetation
  11. No marking or defacing of any rock, plant, tree, shrub
  12. No marking trails with any man-made materials
  13. No vehicles outside of the parking lot
  14. All temporary structures, hunting equipment, and trash must be removed from the site. WCPARC is not responsible for structures or materials left at the Preserve.
  15. Deer harvested must be fully removed and be reported to WCPARC within 48 hours of the closure of an approved hunting season. Deer shot, but not recovered, should be reported within 24 hours to WCPARC.

Registration Process

All interested hunters must first register for the hunt.  Once registered, MiOFO representatives will work to schedule hunters into the existing hunting events schedule.  Once scheduled, MiOFO will confirm the need for a hunter to receive a hunting permit from Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission (WCPARC). Only once the hunter has received the WCPARC permit are they confirmed to hunt at Leonard Preserve.  The WCPARC Permit is not a kill tag.  Hunters must possess appropriate deer license(s) to harvest deer on private land in DMU 081.  Registration will be ongoing from Sept. 9th through the end of the year. Hunters are asked to include scheduling availability for each hunting event they are interested in attending.

Eligibility Documents

All eligibility documents need to be submitted to Tom Jones, MiOFO Coordinator at tjones@eisenhowercenter.com, or call 734.612.6677

Copies of eligibility documents should be carried at all times while hunting at Leonard Preserve.

If you have questions regarding Leonard Preserve, contact Allison Krueger, Washtenaw County Stewardship Manager at kruegera@ewashtenaw.org

MiOFO Registration

First Name (required)

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County of Residence (required)


Independence Hunt: Oct. 13th – 16th
Regular Firearm: Nov. 15th -30th

Choose Dates for Regular Firearm:

Using standing vehicle questions:

Are you a veteran with 100% disability or rated as individually unemployable by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs?
Are you a veteran with 90% disability by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs?
Do you have a permit from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources allowing hunting from a standing vehicle?

Desired MiOFO Services

Blind Reservation
Tracked Wheelchair
Solar Powered Lifted Blind
MiOFO Volunteer Guide
Vehicle Escort to Blind location


By submitting this information, I grant permission to the MiOFO and WCPARC to use my contact information for the purposes of communicating and scheduling Leonard Preserve Hunting Events. I also acknowledge the WCPARC Hunting Rules and understand that I am responsible for providing evidence that I meet eligibility criteria to hunt Leonard Preserve during Hunting Events; and, I am responsible for obtaining the appropriate deer license(s) and/or permit(s) to legally harvest a deer during Hunting Events. All hunting is at your own risk.

I Agree